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Our License number: FMC-OTI No. 019710N
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Terms And Conditions

UBox Worldwide, a division of Menuet Maritime, Inc. is a Non-Vessel-Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC), specializing in the export of goods via ocean shipping.

We have an NVOCC License, which is recognized by the Federal Maritime Commission.


Transit times are not guaranteed. We make every effort to have your shipment arrive at its destination on time. However, we do not guarantee a specific transit time.


Documentation must be completed and sent to UBox Worldwide before warehouse delivery. Specific instructions will be given in advance and in writing as to what documentation is required for shipping purposes. Failure to complete the documentation required by Ubox Worldwide, in writing, can result in a delay of your shipment, storage and Customs penalties or fines.


If cargo value (U.S. origin only) is greater than $2,500, by law we are required to file your information with US Customs. As a result, a $30.00 charge will be added to your invoice.


All international shipments are subject to destination charges. These charges can include the following: Port Fees, Customs Clearance, Terminal Charges, Agent Handling, Import duty, tax, VAT, etc. These charges are to be paid by the consignee unless otherwise agreed to in writing by UBox Worldwide and paid by the shipper in advance


It is the responsibility of the consignee to clear customs at destination unless otherwise agreed to in writing by UBox Worldwide.


It is the responsibility of the shipper to know and understand the import laws and regulations of the country they are shipping to. It is also the shipper's responibility to make sure packaging is suitable for ocean transit. UBox Worldwide is not responsible for any charges resulting from customs duty, charges or fines at destination.


It is the responsibility of the shipper to declare any hazardous materials being shipped. A hazardous declaration must be submitted prior to booking. If you are shipping undeclared hazardous cargo, penalties, fines and delays may incur as a result.


US Customs can hold, search and confiscate your cargo with or without warning. Any charges that incur as a result are to be paid by the shipper. If shipper refuses to pay, his/her shipment will be placed on hold until charges are paid in full.


Payment is due upon receipt of invoice and prior to the shipments sailing date. If not paid on time, and in full, your shipment may be held and storage charges may incur.


UBox Worldwide accepts the following methods of payment: VISA or MASTERCARD (CHECKS AND WIRE TRANSFERS must be preapproved by management prior to shipping)


We recommend purchasing marine insurance. There are two types of marine insurance:

1. All risk insurance:- All risk insurance covers damage and or loss of goods. This insurance is only available if, and only if, your goods are professionally packed for shipping. A packing list with values or commercial invoice must be tendered prior to the shipment sailing.

2. Total loss insurance:- Total loss insurance only covers your cargo if the entire shipment is lost. A packing list with values or commercial invoice must be tendered prior to the shipment sailing.

All cargo must be packed properly for export to be eligible for the above-described insurance. If you are shipping used household goods or personal effects, the above-described insurance will cover total loss only, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by Ubox Worldwide.