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Australian Customs Unaccompanied Effects Information and link to Unaccompanied Baggage form for personal effects shipments to Australia B-13 Export Declaration Required by Canadian Customs for commercial shipments valued over $2000 CDN Shipper's Export Declaration (SED) Required by the U.S. Census bureau for shipments valued over $2500. Some conditions and exceptions apply.

What is a Shippers Export Declaration (SED)?

A Shippers Export Declaration is used for two purposes. First, it serves as a census record of U.S. exports. Second, because the commodity's export license designation appears on the form, the SED serves as a regulatory document. The SED is required for shipments when the commodity's value exceeds more than $2500 USD per Schedule B number. This form can be filled out by either you or by UBox Worldwide ($25 fee). You will need to fill out the authorization form, so that we can file on your behalf. Please refer to your booking confirmation email for instructions.

United Kingdom C3 Form A form to declare personal belongings to Customs and claim any duty and tax reliefs that may apply when returning or transferring residence to the European Community

Box and Packing Resources

We recommend double walled boxes for shipping internationally. You can find them at the following places: