How International Ocean Shipping Works

The cheapest shipping option is to ship warehouse to warehouse or CFS/CFS. (CFS stands for container freight station which is just another word for a warehouse.) We'll explain the process below.


Get started with an instant warehouse to warehouse shipping quote by filing out our online rate quote form

As long as there is a rate in the system for the port pairs that you have chosen, you will be quoted automatically. If there is no rate, a customer service specialist will email you a quote, as soon as possible


Book Your Shipment

After you get your quote, e-mail us or click the convenient link in your follow up email to book your shipment. You will get a Booking Confirmation email and attachment which tells you where to deliver your freight, the required delivery date, warehouse delivery number and your sailing details. You will need this information when you deliver to the warehouse. Tshe warehouse will not except any freight without a delivery number.


Pack Your Boxes

Pack your boxes well and mark them properly. You should mark each box with the delivery number, destination port. Also, number your boxes 1 of 5, 2 of 5, 3 of 5 etc.


Submit Packing List

Once your boxes are properly packed and marked, submit your Packing List on our website. The shipper and consignee information on your packing list is required for your Marine Bill of Lading. You will receive a copy of the packing list for your records. Please keep in mind that the valued list is what customs will use to determine if any tax and duties are due. You can usually import used personal effects duty free in most countries, but you would need to check with customs directly. Also, U.S shipments valued more than $2500 USD, will need a Shipper's Export Declaration. Commercial shipments from Canada that are valued more than $2000 CDN require a B13 Form


Deliver Your Boxes to the Warehouse (or have them picked up)

Deliver your boxes under the delivery number on your booking confirmation. Please make sure you have all the required documentation for your shipment before delivering to the warehouse. If you have any questions, please email us: If you would like your shipment palletized please let us know before delivery. There will be an extra charge for the pallet and your ocean freight charges will likely increase by 30 to 50 percent depending on how your boxes fit on the pallet. Do not pay the warehouse staff for palletizing. We will include it on your invoice. If you would like us to pick up and deliver your boxes to the warehouse, we will need the local address and exact weight, Truck pick up quotes are based on weight whereas ocean shipping quotes are based size and volume.


Pay & Get Marine Carrier Billing of Lading

You will receive an invoice by email after the warehouse confirms the measurements of your boxes and issues a dock receipt. You can pay your invoice with a credit card on our secure online payment page. After payment is received, we will issue a Marine Carrier Bill of Lading, which means your cargo is in the possession of the carrier -- either in route to the loading vessel or in carrier's warehouse awaiting loading. Should the shipment miss the intended vessel, or the vessel is substituted by another, you will be notified and a new Bill of Lading will be issued.


Receive Your Goods

The Bill of Lading will act as a receipt for your goods, an invoice, and a contract of carriage. The person receiving the goods must have the Marine Carrier Bill of Lading. You will be required to send your Bill of Lading to the person receiving your goods if the Consignee is someone other than yourself. They should contact the Delivery Agent listed on the Bill of Lading on or near the scheduled arrival date to arrange for pick-up and customs clearance.