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International Shipping to India from the U.S.A. and Canada.


UBox Worldwide ships to the following cities in India

  • Calcutta
  • Chennai
  • Cochin
  • Bangalore
  • Mumbai
  • New Delhi

Moving to India - How Ocean Shipping Works

Whether you are moving to India for work, or are a returning citizen, we make shipping to India easy and worry free. Our se a freight service is warehouse to warehouse. This means that you deliver to one of our 26 drop off warehouses in the United States or Canada and pick up at the local warehouse in your destination city. This method of shipping saves you money. Pick up at your residence and door delivery can sometimes be arranged at additional costs. UBox Worldwide ships to India via consolidated ocean containers. This means your shipment will be placed into a container with other cargo which lowers the cost of shipping.

Calculating Rates and Associated Costs

Shipping rates to Inia start at $10 USD per cubic foot with a minimum of $350.

Rates vary by origin and destination cities. The example above is the rate from Houston warehouse to Mumbai warehouse. Sea Freight has a minimum charge per shipment. This means you must pay the minimum rate for anything that measures less than 35 cubic feet.


For an example, 36 cubic feet is equal to 12 boxes that are 18" x 18" x 16"

How to Get a Rate Quote for Ocean Shipping

Ocean shipping rates are based on the cubic volume of the shipment because you are paying for the space your shipment takes up in the container. So, to get an accurate rate quote you will need to know the L" x W" x H" of each box. Multiply the L" x W" x H" and divide by 1728 to get the cubic foot volume of each box and add the sums together for the total cubic volume. Weight is not an issue in ocean shipping, but we will need an accurate weight and measurement to get a truck pick up quote.

Or use our instant rate quote calculator and it will do the work for you.

Types of Cargo Accepted

All cargo must be boxed, crated or palletized and must be packaged properly in order to be accepted for shipping. We handle personal effects and commercial cargo. Personal effects are usually considered to be owned by the person that is both the shipper and the consignee. If you will not be present in Australia when your shipment arrives, we suggest shipping c/o the person you designate to pick up the shipment on your behalf. There is usually no duty accessed on personal effects, but it varies by country and individual circumstance, so please check with your local consulate or customs office.


The most cost effective way to ship is to ship loose boxes. This means that each individual box is measured and handled separately. The safest way to ship is to palletize and shrinkwrap your entire shipment. Your boxes will be placed on a heat treated wooden pallet and wrapped in plastic. Palletizing will increase your ocean freight costs anywhere from 30 - 100%, because the entire shipping package including the pallet is measured from the bottom to the highest point. It is best to make sure that all of your boxes are the same size and fit evenly on a 48" x 48" pallet in order to keep the cost down.


Marine cargo insurance is available at a cost of $2 per $100 of the packing list value with a minimum $75 . We have had a major change in risk coverage recently .We have been able to obtain "all risk" coverage, meaning coverage for breakage and all other perils provided that your goods are fully packaged and protected . The insurance coverage will fully inspect this requirement before honoring a claim. A word of caution here...I have seen other websites stating that steamship carriers offer free insurance up to $500 per package. Sorry, it isn't so. What they are mistakenly referring to, are the limitations of liability afforded carriers under international maritime law which is $500 per package/freight unit. This means that if the carrier is negligent for a loss, then they are obligated to pay only $500 per unit although the value of the unit may be $10000. Keyword being "negligence". There are many losses that are not considered negligent, whereby the carrier is not responsible. These include Acts of God, Heavy Weather, Tsunamis, Stranding, General Average Strikes, Acts of War, improper packaging for export, etc. Bottom line, no matter what you read, there is no free insurance.

Destination Charges

Ocean rates are based upon the cubic space in the ocean container that the cargo occupies with the cost varying, depending upon the country and city destination. Our rate covers warehouse receiving, tallying, loading into container, documentation and ocean transport. These costs are included in your box rate. local destination/delivery charges upon warehouse release per custom of the port. These charges are customarily collected from the consignee at the delivery port but can sometimes be prepaid. It is also important to understand that customs clearance, duties and taxes, if any, are the obligation of the receiving consignee; however, in most countries it is possible to clear customs yourself and normally duty is not levied on your own used personal effects. We cannot be held responsible for customs entry, but our delivery agent can offer this service at additional cost should you choose. Lastly, minimum charges are standard in the ocean transport industry and warehousing facilities. We attempt to keep these as low as possible and they are indicated in the country rates.


Indian citizens and foreign nationals who are re-locating to India either on employment or otherwise, can transfer their personal effects and household goods free of any duty payment subject to the following specifications:

- The owner of the goods should have lived overseas for at least 2 years and must be shifting his/her residence to India. If Indian nationals, they should not have visited India for more than 180 days in the preceding two years.

- Foreign nationals must have a resident/business/work/entry visa.

- Goods will have to be shipped out within 30 days of the owner arriving in India - in the event of a delay, goods can be cleared only if the customs clears the delay. Every case is decided on individual merits.

- To be considered personal effects, the shipper and consignee should be the same person. And the owner has to be present during customs clearance Therefore, the owner should have reached India before the shipment arrives or else end up paying heavy demurrage/container detention charges.

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Example Box Sizes


18" X 18" X 16" (3 cu. feet)
for linens, toys, clothes, etc.


18" x 18" x 24" (4.5 cu. feet)
for electronics blankets, pillows, lampshades etc.