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International Shipping Rates

Ocean rates are based upon the cubic space in the ocean container that the cargo occupies with the cost varying, depending upon the country and city destination. Your rate will depend on your cargo measurements.

You can ship loose boxes or palletize your goods.  We recommend that your boxes be at least 3 cubic feet in size and that you use as many of the same size boxes as possible. These boxes will stack and stow evenly on a standard ocean shipping pallet. Although this is the best and most cost effective method, smaller and irregular box sizes can be accommodated, but at slightly higher shipping costs. Other household goods, such as mattresses, rugs, bins, and sports equipment can also be shipped via our LCL ocean shipping service.  Please download our packing guide for more information about packing for international shipping:

Our rate covers warehouse receiving, measuring, tallying, loading into container, documentation and ocean transport. These costs are included in your box rate; however, there will be local destination/delivery charges upon warehouse release per custom of the port. This charge can either be prepaid or collected upon delivery. It is also important to understand that customs clearance, duties and taxes, if any, are the obligation of the receiving consignee; however, in most countries it is possible to clear customs yourself and normally duty is not levied on your own used personal effects. We cannot be held responsible for customs entry, but our delivery agent can offer this service should you choose.

Lastly, minimum charges are standard in the ocean transport industry and warehousing facilities. We attempt to keep these as low as possible and they are indicated in the country rates.