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International Shipping FAQ's

No, you should provide your own boxes. It is very important that you use boxes that are strong enough to protect your goods.  We highly recommend using "heavy duty" or double walled corrugated boxes.  Please check our resource page for links to suggested retailers. Rubbermade type containers are acceptable, provided they lids are secured properly. Do not ship in manufacturer packaging where the contents are pictured or listed on the outside of the container. Ship in plain brown or unmarked boxes and or crates.

All items must be packed properly for export.  Items must be boxed or crated. Your boxes will be stacked in an ocean container, with other cargo, including commercial shipments.  It is important to use sturdy boxes, that are packed well.  Fill in any empty areas with packing material or clothing, towels, etc to prevent boxes from collapsing.

Some odd shaped items are acceptable, if wrapped in sufficient protective materials and covered with thick plastic. Use fiber packing tape to close and secure all of your packaging.  Do not use duct tape.  

The origin warehouse may reject your shipment, if they deem that it is not properly packaged for export. Or they may require that the cargo is palletized before accepting.  Please see below for more information about palletizing.

First of all, we do not recommend shipping fragile items, if you can avoid it.  If you are shipping fragile items, we highly recommend crating or palletizing your shipment.  If shipping loose, you must use double walled boxes and wrap fragile times with enough bubble wrap to prevent breakage. We recommend taking the glass out of picture frames and purchasing any glassware etc overseas.  Insurance will not cover fragile items unless professionally packed.  

Our quotes are based on shipping individual or loose boxes.  That is the most cost effective way to ship. The safest way to ship is to palletize and shrinkwrap your entire shipment. Your boxes will be placed on a heat treated wooden pallet and wrapped in plastic.

Unfortunately, we are not able to give an accurate quote for palletizing. Palletizing will increase your ocean freight costs, anywhere from 30 - 100%, depending on your packaging and the size of your boxes. The entire shipping package, including the pallet, is measured 40" x 48" x the highest measure of your cargo.  This will include any space between boxes, so it is best to make sure that all of your boxes are the same size and fit evenly on a 40" x 48" pallet in order to keep the cost down. Pallets cost anywhere from $35 to $55 USD.

**If you decide to palletize your shipment, you must advise us in writing before delivery to the origin warehouse.  The pallet cost will be included on your invoice. Do not pay anything at the receiving warehouse.  If the warehouse staff ask for payment, please call our email us.**

There is no limit to the size of your shipment.  For large shipments, please ask for our volume discount.  There is no weight limitation for a box as long as the weight capacity of the box is not exceeded.  Ocean rates are based on cubic volume.  In other words, you are paying for the space that your shipment takes up in the container.  If your shipment is very heavy, the quoted price may not apply.  Please email us for rates on shipping heavy sporting equipment, metal, steel items, etc.

The Maritime industry has fixed minimum charges per shipment that have to be covered. You can ship as little or as much as you want, but there is a minimum cost involved.  The minimum cost is for one cubic meter or 35.3 cubic feet.  

The rate covers all costs from warehouse receiving to arrival at the destination warehouse. The  additional charges will be destination charges to the consignee, covering the local agent's handling of the container and port fees. There may be local customs clearance, duty and taxes, but in most countries you can clear used personal goods yourself, duty free. Please check with the customs office of your destination country for information about customs duties and taxes, as it pertains to your individual circumstances.  UBox Worldwide is not responsible nor has any control
over customs procedures and/or regulations.

Yes, we do offer pick up service in most areas.  We must have an accurate weight, piece count and box dimensions in order to quote a truck pick up.  Please note, most pick ups are serviced by commerical trucking companies and are curb pick up only.  This means that you will have to bring your boxes to the curb for the driver to load into the truck.

Pick up rates are quoted individually.  Please email us with an accurate weight and size of your shipment and be sure to include your pick up address.  Your quote is based on your estimated weight and may change if the receiving warehouse determines the weight is more than estimated.

We can offer door to door service in may countries.  Door to door shipments are quoted on an individual basis.  Please email us for details.  Be sure to include your origin and destination addresses and an accurate size and weight of your shipment.

Transit time depends on your destination. Europe is generally two weeks, most destinations in the Far East 4 to 5 weeks and India is 5 to 6 weeks.  We cannot guarantee arrival dates.

We will email an invoice to you, with a link to our secure payment page. You can pay online with Visa or Mastercard.  Any payments not received at time of sailing, are subject to storage charges at origin or destination.  Please make sure your invoice is paid in a timely manner.  If your shipment is put on hold at destination, without clearing customs, the consignee could incur heavy fines.

All imported goods are subject to customs clearance in every country. Customs clearance, duties and taxes, if any, are the obligation of the receiving consignee. In most countries, it is possible to clear customs yourself and normally duty is not levied on your own used personal effects. Some destination agents can offer custom clearance service, at additional cost. You also have the option of hiring a local customs broker to represent you at the destination. Every country has different policies, and these policies can vary substantially.  The importer (consignee) is soley responsible for clearance and any issues that may arise from an inspection or hold.  We suggest due diligence in researching and understanding the import rules of the country you are shipping to before booking your shipment.

Marine insurance is available for purchase and will be included on your invoice as an optional item. The cost is $2.00 per $100 value ($75 minimum) and covers loss, non-delivery and theft, for self packed household goods and personal effects. Damage is covered only in the case of extreme negligence. Professionally packed and commercial items are covered for damage, provided goods are suitably and sufficiently packed and/or protected for ocean transit.



Example Box Sizes


24" X 18" X 18" (4.5 cu. feet)
for linens, toys, clothes, etc.


24" x 18" x 24" (6 cu. feet)
for blankets, pillows, lamps etc.