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Estimated Arrival Charges

All charges in local currency.


Port Charges $60 per cubic meter
Delivery Order $40 per bill of lading
CMR* $5 per bill of lading
ISPS* $2 per bill of lading
ICS* fee $15 per bill of lading


Port Service Charge USD 80.00 min. 1 cbm (cubic meter)
Terminal Handling Charge USD 22.00 per cbm
ISPS Security Fee USD 2.50 per cbm, min. 2.50
ICS Fee USD 37.00 per bill of lading
Delivery Order Fee USD 45.00 per bill of lading
CMR Fee USD 8.50 per cbm
Agency USD 18.00 per bill of lading

CMR = Cargo Management Re-engineereing, regarding customs formalities
ICS - Integrated Cargo System, regarding customs formalities
ISPS - International Port Security.

These charges plus customs clearance (if required), duty and taxes are the responsibility of the consignee.

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Phone: (202) 797-3000
Fax: (202) 797-3168

Official website of the State Customs Service of Australia

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